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Botox Party with Friends
Filler Party with Friends

Exciting news: db Rejuvenation is now offering Botox/Filler Parties which clients can host. Are you looking to have a Botox/Filler birthday, bridal, or bachelorette party at db Rejuvenation? Do you and your friends want to spend some quality time together while treating yourself to self-care? Then throw a private aesthetic party! Donna Bruno, our master injector, will host your party with tailored aesthetic treatments of Botox and Fillers. 

Minimum party size would be five guests (the host plus a minimum of four guests). The host will receive a $50 Gift Card for each of their guests who get injected. The guest(s) will each receive $50 off their treatment at that time. Host can bring beverages and snacks; but no alcoholic beverages please.

To get more information and book your party,
text/call Donna at (646)286-4514 or

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